Why Football is Cool is about the trending stories and pop culture of professional football. If it rivals Namath's fur-coated swagger, we're all over it. That's right. Like Ronnie Lott on receivers, or John Madden on peanut butter.

When it's all said and done, and the final whistle has blown, hopefully we'll be closer to understanding why we enjoy this game so much. If not, we'll defer to our favorite wordsmith, Bill Belichick.

Who runs the site?

WFIC is written by J.P. Pelosi. I'm a journalist and a sports fanatic.

I've been watching the NFL for about 30 years, ever since game replays were beamed to our suburban TV in the mid-eighties. I still consider the Bears' Super Bowl Shuffle to be the sport's high point.

Chargers blue and fading chances

  W hen I was nine, a buddy of mine brought a Chargers jersey to school for art class. I have no idea where he got it but I assumed it...