Saturday, December 8, 2012

Adrian Peterson is invincible, or is he?

If there was ever an athlete who resembles Superman, or the Flash, or even the sheer brutality of the Caped Crusader, it's Adrian Peterson. Given his steel frame, brilliant speed, and ferocious charge, he might be all three in one.

Like Walter Payton, Jim Brown, and Earl Campbell before him, Petersen just refuses to go down. The thighs churn, the arms pump, and the head lowers like Man-At-Arms (that one's for you Masters of the Universe fans out there). Nobody's stopping Man-At-Arms, not even that weasel Skeletor.

Just 12 months removed from a busted knee, AP has somehow run in excess of 1,400 yards this season, averaging a ludicrous 6 yards per carry. That sort of clip will fog up Eric Dickerson's goggles. Yes, Eric, your 1984 single season rushing record of 2,105 yards is in jeopardy, as National Football Post breaks down.

Eric Dickerson
So the question is how do you stop a superhuman? How do you subdue a force that scorches the earth like a cheetah, and cuts with the dexterity of a mongoose? And, furthermore, what does he use to get those grass stains out? Amazing.

Shutdown Corner mentions poor tackling as perhaps a flaw of teams facing Petersen.

Rant Sports suggests clock management on defense is key, at least for the Bears.

Da Bears Blog admits there's no stopping, only limiting AP.

Bleacher Report says pressure the QB, but focus the defense on the run.

Here are some other ideas:
  • Kryptonite - but then you'd have to lug it onto the field
  • The Schwartz - two sides to every Schwartz, so...
  • Anything yellow, or maybe that was only for the Green Lantern.
  • Catwoman always sent the Dark Knight into a frenzy, right?

Catwoman Anne Hathaway

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