Friday, May 4, 2012

9 ways to be drafted in the NFL's first round

Ryan and Lauren Tannehill

  1. Be named for good fortune (Luck), or like a millionaire, Thurston (Griffin III). 
  2. Parade your gorgeous wife to upstage any doubts (Ryan Tannehill). 
  3. Hug the commish to validate choice to Jets fans (Quinton Coples). 
  4. Ride a wave of popularity, or better yet, a Crimson Tide (Richardson, Barron, Kirkpatrick, Hightower). 
  5. Be the best back in the draft (Trent Richardson), but not to the greatest of all time, Jim Brown. 
  6. Stall buzz (Chandler Jones), but accelerate credibility as a Bill Belichick pick. 
  7. Own the draft day cap, even when it doesn't fit (Dre Kirkpatrick). 
  8. Offer speed, promise a rush (Bruce Irvin), outrun Seattle's Twelfth Man. 
  9. Be a 28-year old quarterback for a team needing the real McCoy. 

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