Saturday, August 18, 2012

It's just the preseason Kevin, relax

Let's remember it's the preseason. That's what they like to tell us. But it's hard to excuse "unofficial" interceptions and flat-out ineptitude, isn't it?

Take the Titans' Jake Locker, who threw wildly and off-balance against the Bucs Friday. He darted up field in the end, because overthrows and misguided decisions just weren't cutting it. Funny that. Locker was 4 of 11 for just 21 yards on the day. Thank goodness for Chris Johnson.

How about the much maligned Kevin Kolb, who looked nervous on the sideline, petrified in the pocket, and demoralized by the time he'd logged his minutes against the Raiders. Is it safe to say the Kolb era is over in Arizona? Oh, Kevin. We thought it was just the preseason, too.

Then there's those Hard Knocking quarterbacks of Miami, Ryan Tannehill and Matt Moore, oh, and the suddenly bed-ridden David Garrard who still might start after Friday's dire display. It's a competition, they tell us, but we know better.

The truth is, Matt Moore, after his stellar second-half last season, deserves the starting job---not a competition. He not only gave the team stability en route to a 6-3 finale, but injected some life into the offense. The receivers finally had someone noticing them down field. It was a breath of fresh air in the humid confines of South Beach.

But in the NFL, the grass is always greener on the other side. Right now, Moore is off the grass and into the swamp. Tannehill is new and shiny, and has a beautiful young wife. He's hungry and untainted, slinging it and winging it. This means everything in pro football. Forget that he has very little experience or isn't seeing beyond the first read. Tannehill, in the eyes of both fans and media, is the starter.

It's just the preseason, but it tells us so much.

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